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Groups and Precedence

Poster: Dave Montuori <damont@wolfstar.com>

> > In General, Prince/sses may award AoAs with the approval of the Crown.
> > Depends on Kingdom Law.  Many, if not most Principalities do develop
> > their own awards at the Principality level, as Baronies do.  However,
> > those awards generally carry no precedence, in that they do not convey
> > Arms.  Only the Crown may award Arms, even if they let a Prince/ss or
> > Baron/ess do it for them.

Principality Charters are part of Kingdom Law while the P. exists as such.
*Anyone* can award arms at the request of the Crown. But the Charter may
state that the Crown bestows upon the P+P carte blanche to Award arms.
Some Principality orders do carry an automatic AoA; I know Drachenwald
had some.

> Actually, those awards do carry precedence.  Precedence is separate from   
> armigerousness.  For example, a gentle who has a baronial award but no   
> AOA outranks (in terms of precedence) a gentle who has no awards   
> whatsoever.

InterKingdom Cultural Anthropology Alert: Atlantia does not give
precedence to any non-armigerous order/award. The OP does list them, but
your non-armigerous stuff carries no weight in Atlantian precedence


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