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Re: North Cornet Poll

Poster: Corun MacAnndra <corun@access.digex.net>

Myrddin wrote:
> I have listen to both this list and the princapality list. I have come up
> with the idea of running unofficial poll of the populace of merryrose.
> Anyone who wishes to enter a vote please send it privately to me @:
> dungeon@norfolk.infi.net (no caps please) .
> Please follow the following reply format.
> Subject:North Cornet Vote
> Body:1.I approve of a northern princapality forming.
>                           -or-
>          2.I do not aprove of a northern princapality
> then your sca name. The poll will end after Yule (Jan 1) and I will have
> votes tallied the 2nd day of Janurary. Results will be posted then on Merry
> rose list. I hope everyone votes for a more realistic opinion on the topic. 

I have a question. What do you hope to achieve with this that isn't already
being accomplished in the discussions on the P_list? Further, what do you
mean when you say you hope everyone votes for a more "realistic opinion"?
You haven't asked anyone to vote for an opinion, just to say whether they
are for or against a P. You haven't asked anyone the most important question,
which is "why" they are for or against it. This is what the discussion list
is trying to resolve. There have been many who have said they are pro, con
or fence sitting. Many of those who are pro or con have stated that their
minds could change should a compelling argument be presented them. The same
is true of the fence sitters who are on that fence simply because they haven't
yet heard compelling arguments for either case.

I don't mean to denigrate what you're trying to do, and I will be interested
in seeing the results, but I'd appreciate knowing what motivates you to do 
this. Personally I think such a vote, official or not, is a bit premature.

In service,

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