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Any other AT&T Employees?

Poster: Donald Wagner <polearmed@worldnet.att.net>


While the subject line implies an atopical post, I assure you that this
is most topical.  I am applying for a grant from AT&T's community
service initiative and may be able to get some corporate dollars thrown
at local or kingdom levels.

I need to know if there are any more AT&T employees who are currently
active in the kingdom.  And I need them to contact me via phone or
email.  Mordrea....Lucent doesn't count.  Sorry, but Lucent may have its
own program to take advantage of.

Email is above and I can be reached at 9192337535.

You may be part-time or full-time employees, management or occupational.
While the money involved is not overwhelming, it is substantial(as far
as corporate donations go) and it's free, so please contact me.  I may
not acquire the grant alone, but we have a better chance and the grant
increases with the number of employees involved.

Thanks, back to your regularly scheduled stuff.

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