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Re: Flash photography (was Re: coins)

Poster: Wayne Precht <wayne@apollo.umuc.edu>

> On Wed, 17 Dec 1997, DebSiobhan wrote:
> > << 	Actually I never remembered anything about flash photography being
> >  forbidden. 	Is there a new law/rule that I haven't read up on yet?   >>
> > 
> > I'm reasonably certain it is a part of Corpora.  The ban on Coke cans is in
> > the same section.
> Hmmm.  Actually, I think it is Atlantian Kingdom Law.
> Dafydd

Actually it is Kingdom Law:

12. Rights of Subjects

  12.1 Concerning Non-period Items

     12.1.1 Canned beverages are forbidden...

     12.1.2 Smoking is forbidden ....

     12.1.3 The use of flash bulbs is forbidden in the central area of a
     Society event, being defined as any area where people must be present
     in order to participate in the event, such as the hall where a feast
     or court is taking place. The autocrat shall be responsible for
     defining the boundaries of the central area and should be consulted
     before any photography using flash bulbs takes place. Photography
     with flash bulbs is permitted in the interior of a pavilion only with
     the owner's permission, but only if this use of a flash bulb will not
     disturb anyone in the main area of an event. It is hoped that anyone
     taking photographs at any time will first obtain permission from
     those being photographed as a matter of courtesy.

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