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Re: Flash photography (was Re: coins)

Poster: Julien de Montfort <julien@spiaggia.org>

> Hmm... wish I'd known that specific part when I was at Dun Carraig's
> investiture... I was really rather annoyed by the two individuals who were
> taking many flash pictures during court, right up front... I'm kind of
> kicking myself for not diplomatically mentioning it to the autocrat...
> Oh, well... now I know what to quote. =)

Heh heh.  I was there too, and I remember those flashbulbs going off.
Did kinda mangle the atmosphere for a while.  At least they didn't
keep it up the *entire* court (perhaps someone near them did mention

This past weekend, I was at Bhakail's Yule revel, where they had the
feast in one of the catherdral halls, and while the tables and all
were unfortunately modern, with the lights off, the candles lit, and
the carved-stone windows illuminated with warm candleglow, it made for
a very intense vision.  I had to get a picture of high table,
silhouetted against the stone window behind them, and while I had to
turn the flash off so as to not bother the rest of the guests, it
was the very fact that there was no modern lighting in the room that
made the effect in the first place.  To have ruined that with a flash
would have been, well, just wrong. ;-)


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