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Re: Flash photography (was Re: coins)

Poster: Julien de Montfort <julien@spiaggia.org>

> Somebody please explain to me the reasoning behind this flashbulb rule. As far
> as I know cameras didn't come around until the mid-1800s. I would be willing
> to bet returning crusaders did a bit of smoking. The Hookah pipe is quite old.

As I see it, it's merely the formalized banning of stuff many people
think they shouldn't be doing in the public areas at events anyway.

Part of the idea of events is that we are trying to avoid 'excessive
modernity' -- hence the reasonable attempt at 17th century clothes
requirement, etc.

I'd safely say it's a documentable fact that flash photography was not
around in period. ;-)  Likewise, people frown on exposed coke cans or
bottles in public area (just put them in a mug or goblet).

And while smoking hookah pipes may well be in period (anybody know
*exactly* how old they are?  I'm probably grossly mistaken, but for
some reason I always associate them with a 1700's origin), little
rolled up cigarettes like you buy in stores now certainly aren't.

If someone had a hookah pipe with them and took a few puffs from that
at an event, I'd have no problems with that (actually, I'd think it
was kinda nifty as a persona-enhancing prop) but I have to admit,
sitting around and watching a bunch of otherwise impressive SCAdians
smoking cigs tends to ruin the atmosphere for me... ;-P


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