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Re: Flash photography (was Re: coins)

Poster: Marybeth Lavrakas <lavrakas@email.unc.edu>

On Sat, 20 Dec 1997, RowenRhys wrote:

> Poster: RowenRhys <RowenRhys@aol.com>
> In a message dated 97-12-20 00:27:11 EST, Odinson13@AOL.COM writes:
> << Somebody please explain to me the reasoning behind this flashbulb rule. As
> far
>  as I know cameras didn't come around until the mid-1800s. I would be willing
>  to bet returning crusaders did a bit of smoking. The Hookah pipe is quite
> old.
>  Odinson
>   >>
> 'Tis true that camera date to the time of the American Civil War but I think
> allowing cameras in general is a compromise.  Some good gentles like to
> capture their memories (or steal others souls, as the case may be) for later
> usage.  Prohibiting flash photography helps to preserve the atmoshpere and
> prevent the populace from blinding rays of light.
> As for the smoking:  This issue has been hashed (Ha!) over time and again.
> Those Crusaders may have smoked but they did not smoke cigarettes as we know
> them now.  Their smoking was not as portable and accordingly, not as public.
> And I think most would agree that its a shame and a disrespect to inordinately
> permeate the prized garb of all present (Dry cleaning bills are killer!)
> My two cents (finally),
> Rowen ferch Rhys> 

Not to mention the fact that whatever they were smoking, it wasn't


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