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Re: Weather and road conditions

Poster: Corun MacAnndra <corun@access.digex.net>

Kevin wrote:
>Well, here in Fairfax there's only snow left on the grass, and not
>anywhere on the roads.  And I don't think the snow on the grass will
>last for too much longer.  They're calling for partly cloudy/sunny for
>the rest of the week, and Saturday's high is supposed to be 53 degrees.

Judging by what I've seen forecast so far on the Weather Channel, I'd say
the interstates and secondary highways are going to be clear with minimal
trouble on the tertiary roads. Up here there was more panic than storm. I
went to the grocery for milk Monday night to find a sign saying
"temporarily out due to impending storm", and a lady saying she'd seen the
stockboy fill the shelves three times. But then my part of town has a
higher population of immigrants from parts of the world that don't get
snowtorms (Central America and Africa), hence the panic. I was amused
because I got up the next morning to see only a light dusting of snow and
not the huge mounds that accompanied 12th Night in Black Diamond.

Anyway, if you need more current info check out www.weather.com. THat's the
website for the Weather Channel. You can select a specific city and look at
the doppler radar and all. Very handy.

But just in case, I think Ponte Alto will be able to supply plenty of
shovels for everyone. <G>

In service,

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