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Coronation Arts and Sciences

Poster: Charlenn <Charlenn@aol.com>


His and Her Highness requested that I post information on the following
categories to be presented as the Arts and Science competitions during Their
Coronation weekend, March 20th-22nd in Marinus.

1) SCA WEAPONS - Display your skill and imagination and create usable, legal
weapons in the SCA.

2) BREADS - A staple, bread was and is also a pleasure. Make the judges happy
by baking up wonderful batches of bread. Can be any type of bread.

3) TOYS AND DOLLS (2 separate categories here: "Period" and "Modern
Interpretation".  Take your pick of one or both categories). Please and amuse
the children and the children at heart by creating and displaying your period
toys or dolls for the first category. Let you imagination go wild by creating
your modern interpretation of SCA toys and dolls for the second category.
Sometimes period dolls or toys are not what many consider safe toys for our
small children. Create your own interpretation of a period toy that you feel
is safe for the small ones in your lives.

4) ILLUMINATION - Assist the Kingdom in the backlog of AoA's. Contact the
Kingdom Clerk of Signet for an assigned name and help make some individual
very happy by their receiving a long overdue scroll or create an AoA blank to
be used for the backlog or for future awards. The sample text for the AoA's is
contained in the Scribe's handbook located at http://scribe.atlantia.sca.org
Please note: Include a shield that will fit inside a 2" square minimum on the
blanks. This makes it easier to show detail in someone's device at a later
time. Any entries in this category will all be considered donations to the

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your Kingdom A&S
officer, Mistress Celynen, your local A&S officer or me. Thank you and I hope
to see you all there,
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