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Credit where credit is due

Poster: "Porter, Timothy W." <Porter@alhrm.brooks.af.mil>

Dear patrons,

I've seen several messages now giving credit for the Beowulf piece to the 
appropriate bard.  This is commendable not just for the sake of propriety, 
but also because it gives interested people a chance to contact the source 
for similar pieces or to give them praise.  Everyone wins, you gotta like 

However, the tone of these messages almost seems to be a reprimand of the 
original poster.  Why not reprimand him, after all wasn't rude not to 
include proper credit in his message?  *said w/ sarcasm*  Well let's keep in 
mind that he may not, and in fact didn't, know the source.  This idea of 
tone may simply be my interpretation or it may be a consequence of this 
written medium.  But, I would caution people not to reprimand others, in 
public or private,  who fail to give a source.  Simply inform them.  They 
may be ignorant of the original and will probably appreciate the information 
instead of resenting the reprimand.

Just being sensitive, but thanks for listening.

(who will be an Atlantian in just three short weeks)
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