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Re: Credit where credit is due

Poster: rosine <rosine@wwisp.com>

Porter, Timothy W. wrote:
> > I've seen several messages now giving credit for the Beowulf piece to the
> appropriate bard....


   Well let's keep in
> mind that he may not, and in fact didn't, know the source.


 But, I would caution people not to reprimand others, in
> public or private,  who fail to give a source.  Simply inform them.  They
> may be ignorant of the original and will probably appreciate the information
> instead of resenting the reprimand.

I thank you Lord Cedric, that is a kind thought. The message that
I quoted (from Baroness Juletta) was sent to me privately, so I
could save face by correcting my original post. That was indeed a
noble and courteous way of handling my mistake, and I thank her,
and you, for your chivalry.

Baroness of Marinus

btw - as a side note, would this furror mean then, that it would
be best to never post anything no matter how interesting, if the
originial author is unknown? I had no idea where THL Gaffer had
found that piece, and since he is scrupulous about acknowledging
sources, neither did he... we both found the piece amusing and
wanted to share it with people we thought would enjoy it. I, for
one, shall be much less inclined to do that here - which is good
for mail volumn, if nothing else.
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