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netiquette was (RE: Credit where credit is due)

Poster: Becky McEllistrem <beckymc@MICROSOFT.com>

>  But, I would caution people not to reprimand others, in
> > public or private,  who fail to give a source.  Simply inform them.
> They
> > may be ignorant of the original and will probably appreciate the
> information
> > instead of resenting the reprimand.
	Agreed with Cedric.  It's too easy to post something on a whim
	even intending to give credit but hitting that send button too soon.
	Then the poster says "well I'll see if it becomes a big deal or
	Reprimands do make assumptions that aren't always true.

> I thank you Lord Cedric, that is a kind thought. The message that
> I quoted (from Baroness Juletta) was sent to me privately, so I
> could save face by correcting my original post. That was indeed a
> noble and courteous way of handling my mistake, and I thank her,
> and you, for your chivalry.
	Course this brings up another point.  If a message is sent privately
	technically it is the recipient's choice to post it privately or
	but I generally recommend to keep private things private.  One can
	appear gracious by posting a something publicly and then explaining
	further, however it can also be seen as a way to embarrass the one
	that attempted to discuss negatives privately.  Doubt this was Her
	intent knowing her personally however it is something to think about
	when taking private email and sending it public.

	Kevin may have more to say on this subject as to what is considered
	appropriate methods of dealing with private email.

> btw - as a side note, would this furror mean then, that it would
> be best to never post anything no matter how interesting, if the
> originial author is unknown? 
	I wouldn't say never post anything but I would put a disclaimer
	at the beginning or the end to the effect of:

	"Not sure where this came from, if you have details about the
	source we'd like to hear it!"

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