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Re: UNC TV Again / Historical Programs of Interest

Poster: rmhowe <magnusm@ncsu.edu>

Leila Mohajerin wrote:(about the UNC telethon volunteering)

> They have given us
> the month of March to pick from. So, here's my question...Does anyone know
> of any Medieval or Renaissance related programs that it might be nice to
> be manning the phones during?  I don't watch tv much, and don't have any
> sort of schedule.  Any ideas?
> In service,
> Sveva

Well, the Cadfael Series will be over by Mid February. 
Unfortunately UNC takes its sweet time about putting up monthly
schedules. This month it was several days into the month.

UNC's Cadfael series runs different dates than Mystery's.

The only thing I can suggest is to call and ask them.
UNC only lists the current month on their website.
They may also take some time to answer your question
but they do try.

Asking WGBH or Mystery is a complete waste of time.
I have asked them specific questions about Cadfael III
schedules several times and had no answer. But you might
try calling them directly. I didn't. They often don't 
update their pages for months at a time.

Thursday nite schedules for Mystery which sponsors Cadfael.

UNC's schedules may be found at:
http://www.unctv.org/       have fun picking through it.

(I have been known to publish tv schedules from time to time on
neat stuff and so have a little experience in asking and looking
up these people.)


Since it takes me about 10 hours to do a months list and I haven't 
had the time to do a complete one this month here's a partial:

Greek Foot Soldiers will be on A&E tonite from 10-11pm and 2-3am.

Kings and Queens of England will be on the History Channel tomorrow
morning from 7-8am part 1, and part 2 will be on Friday the same time.

No Cadfael this week on UNC. Pre-empted for a Science Odyssey.

Fri 16 Dragons 8-9, M-1am, 4-5am. History Channel

Sat 17  Pocahontas on  9-10am  A&E

     Greek Foot Soldiers 6-7pm Sat 17 A&E.

Sunday 18 Money Pit (Oak Island) 6-7pm  A&E.

Mon 19 Boxer Rebellion 8-9p. M-1a, 4-5a History Channel

Tues 20  Roanoke - Lost Colony 8-9p, M-1a, 4-5am.

Wed 21 Roman Foot Soldiers A&E 10-11p, 2-3am
      ?Scientific American Nordic Sagas PBS Time?

Thurs 22 Roman Legions 8-9p, M-1, 4-5 History Channel

       Cadfael - Raven in the Foregate UNC 9-10:30p

Sat. 24 Fire over England (Armada I think) 6-730 am History Channel
        William the Conqueror 11am-12N History Makers History Channel

        Foot Soldiers - Romans 6-7p A&E

        Woodwrights Shop - Bamboo Chair UNC

Sun. 25 Crown Jewels M-1 History Channel

        Kings and Queens of England 1&2 10-M, 2-4a

        (for Falcone):

        Love in the Ancient World 8-10p, M-2a, A&E Egypt/Greece/Rome

        Secrets of the Kama Sutra 10-11pm, 2-3am A&E

Wed 28 Roman Emperors 8-9p, M-1a, 4-5a History Channel

       Foot Soldiers - Barbarians 10-11p, 2-3a A&E

Thurs 29 Cadfael 9-10:30p Monks Hood UNC

Fri 30 Forbidden City 8-9p, M-1a, 4-5a History Channel

Sat 31 Foot Soldiers - Barbarians 6-7p A&E
       UNC Woodwrights Shop Shaker Boxes 4:30p

Footsoldiers Series is rather goofy. It is narrated and stars 
Richard Karn (of Home Improvement). Yeah, the one with flannel
and the beard. :)

I make no guarantees, check your local schedules. 
PBS may be playing Cadfael according to Mystery's schedule outside
of NC. I listed UNC's which IS different.
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