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helm help

Poster: terry_buyers@catbox.win.net (Terry Buyers)

C(>Poster: CG Scoop <CGScoop@aol.com>

C(>I would get some advice first. What's the best way to clean the 
C(>coat of oil off before painting (should I even clean it off?)
C(>What's the best kind of paint that will hold up to me getting my bell 
C(>rung (I

Paint won't stick to oil... unless you use an oil base paint like household
enamel.         8-)

A period protection would be linseed oil baked on. This gives the traditional
black finish. It is also a good way to get thrown out of the house if you do
the baking inside in the oven.

Best way I've found to degrease is the local quarter car wash. Follow with
soap and water and wipe dry immediately. Paint right away. If the spousal unit
isn't watching, use the dishwasher. Don't let the thing go through the drying
cycle, pull your helm out and wipe it dry right away. 

For paint I use 1)cheap, and 2)lots. Acrylic enamel will flex when you get hit
and won't chip off quite as easily. I like the fast drying kind because you
don't have to wait all week in humid South Carolina for a coat of paint to
dry. However runs and other mistakes will dry in place almost immediately and
have to be sanded off rather than blotted up while still liquid. 

C(>Any ideas on chinstraps and padding that have worked well/badly for 

Chinstrap has to come from mounts behind your ears or your helm may pop off.
I'm in the process of replacing all straps of period leather and buckle with
nylon strap and quick release plastic buckles. Leather keeps getting funky
since I moved from Aten. Too labor intensive. Look at the sporting goods store
in the repair parts for packs and things section.

I've got a _real_ solid helm so for padding I wear a knit coif, a chainmail
coif, and mounted inside the helm itself a coif of high-density (camper's
sleeping pad)foam. Got ball-batted with a great sword at a war hard enough to
knock me off my feet, didn't feel much of anything inside the helm. YMMV. 


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