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missing something?

Poster: Barbara Bilodeau <carthew@mindspring.com>

Greetings to all here assembled! 
I have here some fine possessions, left with me at the end of 12th
night.  Some items were already claimed by those who contacted me after
the event.  These items are listed below.  If any of them are yours (or
a friends) AND you want them back, please contact me so we can arrange
the transfer.

Those items left unclaimed do risk being given to Master Terafan for a
"white dragon sale" to benefit some worthy cause...or perhaps be just
forfeit to the autocrat.  I particularly like the idea of the first
item...just the thing for a tired autocrat?

At your service,
Anne of Carthew
(who is starting to do some non-12th night things, and foolishly taking
note of those things we should do different "next time"!)  

12th night present bag containing lavender body/bath oils "to Sandy from
blue igloo lunch cooler
green polo shirt
green bath towel
black felt hood
4 packages of cross stitch materiel
herald’s baldric
grey cloak with blue lining, dragon pin clasp
black felt trousers
blue napkin
favor: yellow with green shield, dragon embroidery
butterfly hand puppet
toy: Buzz lightyear
book: Shakespears insults
white snood with bow, in original package
purple and gold knitted favor
several yards of blue and white cord
2 pink flowered napkins
tiny beaded purse
4 metal plates and platters
1 wood tray
1 wooden bowl
1 metal tankard
5 ceramic and glass goblets
2 ceramic bowls
various forks, spoons, and knives
bundle containing 1 clear glass, 1 white mug, 1 green glass goblet
wrapped in white fabric
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