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Electronic availability.....

Poster: CptnBnytng <CptnBnytng@aol.com>

   And it was written that:

>For those who like me, were wondering...


> From: Pennsic XXVII Land Staff <landmaster@nais.com>
> To: Beverly Robinson-Curry (by way of Thorolf Egillsen
<thorolf@unix.asb.com>) <corvus2@worldnet.att.net>
> Subject: Re: Pennsic 27 pre-registration
> Date: Tuesday, January 20, 1998 7:00 AM
> Beverly Robinson-Curry (by way of Thorolf Egillsen ) wrote:
> > 
> > Good Gentle,
> > 
> > Pray, do tell me if you can...
> > 
> > When will the pre-registration forms become available?  I speak not of
> > land packets, but the ones for individuals...
> > 
> > Lady Rhiannon ui Neill
> > Triton Principal Herald, Atlantia
> To obtain Pre publication copies of the Pennsic Pre-registration forms.
> Send a SASE to 
> Linda Blowney, 7030 Greene St., Philadelphia, Pa 19103. The form will be
> generally 
> available in the Pennsic Pre-Publication. This document will not be
> published in electronic 
> format and may not be reduced or enlarged.
 _ _ _ _ _ 

  ..... Why in heavens name is it that things like this that are widely needed
by members of the populace are NOT available through the electronic medium...
???    There are so many forms for this and that, and so many places we have
to keep the addresses for and spend the postage to get...... and sooooo many
members of the society on line.......I can think of NO reason why....  ...I
Just   Don't   Get   It ...........  

..... Ah... just forget it... ! I'm tired of all this.... I've been in the
society for 18 years and I've watched it turn into a snobby, nazi, butt
kissing courtly group grope ... my friend has  actually been threatened ( by a
king and his loyal knights no less ) with physical harm for not playing "your"
game ( really nice thing to do to a woman ! ) ....newcomers are insulted for
not dressing "your" way....honor on the field is in danger of total extinction
by the rampaging rhinos....not to mention the authenticity hypocrits.... the
study of middle ages culture ( but only that tiny fractional part that lets
you dress up in fancy clothes and allows you to pretend that you really do
have a life where you are a person of importance... ) ...and the total
disregard for the reality of the major populace of the middle age...   Don't
"you" get it that "you" are turning people off to the society  ?   Why should
I even worry about the piddling E thing ?     I don't want to play "your"
game.   It's not worth it anymore !

   I'm out of here !  

   Captain Bunnyetongue

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