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IMPORTANT: Site change for 1998 Emerald Joust

Poster: "sjuroff@xperts.com" <sjuroff@xperts.com>

(Using Susanna's messenger server), 

Unto the denizens of the Merry Rose does THL Bryce de Byram, seneschal of 
Caer Mear, send greetings.

Due to some unfortunate occurrances at last year's Emerald Joust, this 
year's EJ will not be held at Camp Brady Saunders, Boy Scout Reservation, 
this event's traditional site.

At this point, EJ for this year will either be cancelled or be 
drastically changed (i.e.  a large day-trip tourney) pending a new site.

Please accept the Barony's regrets and  forward this information to all 
group seneschals and distribute this information at all group meetings.

Information will be forthcoming should Emerald Joust actually happen this 

This is just a preemptive missive to let people know that it won't be at 
this site.

In Service, 

Bryce de Byram
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