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Re: Period Vegetarian

Poster: "Doug Munitz,Sven Olafssen;Maria Munitz" <viking@groupz.net>

>Poster: "Joyce A. Baldwin" <jocetta@ibm.net>
>>> Does anyone have any vegetarian recipes? (I personally don't consume
>>> any meat, dairy, fish or egg products, but I am welcoming all recipes
>>> so I can get an idea of what there was during this period.)
>>Needless to say, there are a lot more dishes that include
>>dairy/eggs than don't; most dietary restrictions of the middle ages
>>(e.g. "meatless" Fridays for Catholics) did not involve anything
>>as restricted as us modern vegetarians.
>Actually, though you could eat fish, dairy and I believe eggs were
>considered animal foods and were not (technically - priests gave a lot of
>"medical" absolutions) eaten during Lent.  I have a period cookbook
>mentioning in some recipes that the cook may substitute almond milk for
>animal milk during fast days.   (The recipes are not redacted and would
>need a lot of work to produce edible food which is why they were not
>included in this post. Also, I believe a good many of them do include fish)
> If you can find any documented fishless, eggless dishes (there are some)
>and substitute almond milk (can be purchased at some health food stores or
>there are directions for making it in one of my cookbooks somewhere)  you
>will have a Lenten version of an period dish.

Check out period recipes from the Greek Orthodox world, as they have the
stictest Lenten
requirements of any of the Catholic/Orthodox religions.  They allowed
nothing animal.

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