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Baroness Ceridwen stories please

Poster: Gene Bonar <gbonar@auspex.com>

Greetings Rosettas,

So there I was, having lunch with the always lovely, Elspeth, in a
restaurant facing the charming Monterey Bay in California, and I had a
brilliant idea.  Well at least the waiter thought it was brilliant.

No really, our baronial chronicaller asked us to write Baroness Ceridwen
stories.  Stories that he would then publish in the Windlore (baronial
newsletter).  I thought this was a fine idea but he had only so much room.
So what we can do, post any and all Baroness Ceridwen ferch Owain stories
to the list and I will print them all out on Friday night and give them to
her as a momento.

Write from the heart.  You will not be graded on spelling or composition. 

To that end I will start.

Baroness Ceridwen ferch Owain believes in supporting every aspect of SCA
life and so it was only natural that she would authorize combat archer and
join the Windmasters' Hill Baronial Archer Corps. 

Well Stephan O'Reilly was having a combat archery symposium, where the
members of the WHBAC would teach classes on Archery and then we would go
out in the field and apply want was learned in class.  We had a great turn
out and everyone was having a great time.

Now we flash back.  

The week before we had been talking about different weapons that archers as
missiliers could use.  One of these was rocks.  We can throw rocks!?  Well
as it turns out rocks have been outlawed in Atlantia, but we didn't know
that then.    So we bought some dead tennis balls and duct tape and made
some SCA rocks.  Elspeth put several of these in her quiver, figuring that
if she ran out of arrows she could do throw rocks.

Flash forward.

Ceridwen was having fun shooting and slaying.  The tactic I was using was
causing her to use up her arrows.  When she ran out she call for more.
Elspeth calls to her that there are rocks that she can use in the quiver.
Ceridwen reaches in pull out rocks and gets a evil gleam in her eye.  Yes I
could see the gleam even though she had her helm on.  Now so you get the
picture right lets stop here.  On my side are myself and Yvon, two of the
best combat archers in the kingdom with plenty of arrows.  On their side is
the Baroness and another combat newbie who has been legged with not one
arrow between them.  

She jumps to her feet and charges.  I was so stun at the sight of Ceridwen
charging me as I stood there ready to shoot I froze.  She was charging me
armed with nothing but ROCKS.  She was so fast that she was within my
too-close-to-shoot range before I came to my senses.  She threw a rock and
hit me in the chest.  Now the chest is not a legal target for a rock, to
score you have to hit the face, but again I was so stunned that I took it.
She eventually lost the battle but not without first harassing Yvon quite a

The world should be aware for on that day was born Ceridwen, the ROCK WOMAN
arrrrh arrr arrr arrr.

As a post script later Elspeth  made the Baroness a rock holder.  Its a
baldric with pockets down the front into which several rocks can be placed.
 She got it during a Baronial Practice.  I understand she and the rocks
paid Duke Anton a visit.

Ld Eogan mac Ailpein    archer and herald
Elvegast, Windmasters' Hill, Atlantia
mka Gene Bonar  919.772.1112  gbonar@auspex.com
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