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[fwd] [EK] Fw: [Mid] Medieval Sites

Poster: Gilly <KatieMorag@worldnet.att.net>

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>From: "Alderton, Philippa" <phlip@morganco.net>
>Subject: [EK] Fw: [Mid] Medieval Sites
>Date: Sat, 07 Feb 98 01:21:25 PST
>-Poster: "Alderton, Philippa" <phlip@morganco.net>
>Hey, folks, these look like sites of general interest to all. Forgive me,
>those of you who get it twice- Ninkip and Puck, as newbies, I strongly
>recommend them.
>Never a horse that cain't be rode,
>And never a rider that cain't be throwed.
>: Date: Friday, February 06, 1998 21:21:27 
>: From: Anthony Bryant
>: To: Middlebridge
>: Subject: Re: [Mid] Medieval Sites
>: Hi, folks!
>: Fortuitously, the following two sites just appeared in my inbox this
>: afternoon under the heading "Top 10 Homework Sites of the Week."
>: Effingham
>: ------
>: ORB Online Encyclopedia for Medieval Studies
>: http://orb.rhodes.edu/index.html
>: Hats off to the Medievalists for cleaving through the Gordian knots on
>: the
>: Web and giving us a premiere site with knowledge that is up front and
>: manageable. "Setting Out on Orb" is the entrance page, which provides an
>: interactive outline of topics and articles, laid out in chronological
>: order. The highlighted subjects lead directly to new essays on matters
>: Medieval. Many of the subjects are not yet highlighted because they
>: await a
>: submission from a top historian from the relevant field. In a lively
>: academic area like this one, where new discoveries and ideas are
>: galloping
>: off in all directions, the introductory essays bring a student
>: immediately up-to-date. The Internet frustration of being dissipated by
>: multiplying links is reversed: summary first, with sources moving out
>: from
>: the knowledge. For example, the Anglo-Saxon essay in the "Before 1000"
>: section already includes a scholar's paradise on Saint Bede the
>: Venerable.
>: There is a Bede biography revised most recently four months ago, along
>: with
>: a choice selection of other Bede reference, including the famous passage
>: describing the flight of the sparrow and the conversion of the
>: Northumbrians. 
>: Middle Ages
>: http://www.learner.org/exhibits/middleages/
>: This may well be a place where some of tomorrow's Medievalists began
>: their
>: quest. Eight articles answer the question: What was it really like to
>: live
>: in the Middle Ages?
>: From:  Anthony Bryant <shogun@bloomington.in.us>
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James and/or Nancy Gilly


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