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vegetarians and vietnam

Poster: Jessica Rechtschaffer <jsrechts@email.unc.edu>

Two quickie answers to two quickie topics:

Many abstained from meat during Lent.  You may want to research some
Lenten recipies.  Additionally, there were (and still are) Jews that are
vegetarian for religious reasons.  Some Rabbis interpreted that
vegetarianism is truly adhering to God's word "You shall eat the fruit of
the earth."  After The Exile from Eden, mankind resorted to eating meat.
Of course, this is one of the many interpretations.

As far as food in history goes, an interesting book to check out is _The
Literary Gourmet_ which are recipies extrapolated from literature
throughout the ages.  I don't use cookbooks (this one was a gift) so I
can't vouch for the recipes but it made for interesting reading in

I couldn't resist but comment on the MTTA and the modern re-enactment
groups.  I agree that after years past, the hurt that war inflicts does
fade.  Many of us freely go out and dress up like medieval knights though
the real medieval knights were more similar to the Mafia than to William
Marshall.  I have an *extremely* hard time with the folks who dress like
WWII German soldiers.  I know they don't endorse Nazi philosophy but
again, this sort of thing is a little too recent.

Well, so much for quickie but in some cases, the middle ages still brings
up a certain amount of anathema.  When I am in synagogue and I mention
that I build armor to someone, the eyes go wide.  Why?  Because many Jews
learn that "Medieval Knights killed Jews".  Why dress up like them?

Anyone else have this experience

Lyanna the Jewish Vegetarian Armorer  (among other things)   

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