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Personal Book Question

Poster: Erick and Sue <bduck@fred.net>

Pray forgive the intrusion.  I beg for all to participate in settling an
arguement between my Lord and myself.

My side is thus.  I beleive that most people DO NOT fold the pages of
books.  Books are much too precious to deface in this crass manner.  Most
people also DO NOT lay them open face-down to keep their places, this
breaks the spine and in some cases makes pages loosen and fall out.  In the
same vein, they do not lay them down open and face up and put something
heavy on them to keep their place..unless they are reading and following
directions; cooking, carving, sewing....

I say, readers, find a bookmark or something flat to act as a marker...not
pens, knives, or small children, and close the book...

My good husband claims that most people have no need of bookmarks due to
the presence of flat surfaces to lay books face-down on.  The availability
of pages to fold, and the clutter of knives, pens, and small critters to
hold his place books.

Assuming that you do not all read books straight through in one sitting,
how do you keep your places?

Please reply, honestly, before St.Valentines Day.  I'd like to have this
settled so we can honor the day without bloodshed.

Thank You for your honest replies.


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