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RE: personal book question

Poster: Elizabeth Urbanik <eurbanik@vsla.edu>

Speaking as a librarian, I must preface my reply by saying that
what I do does not apply to my profession as a whole -- I do not
fold pages down in books, but do in *my* personal magazines. I
use bookmarks if they're handy, or slips of paper. However, I do
use this leather thing with weights at both ends when I'm cooking
out of a cookbook, to hold the sides down, and I have been known
to lay a book face-down on the couch if I'm going to be away
briefly. Actually, librarians at UNC's graduate library and rare
books library have developed these bean-bag things which are no
larger than the size of your palm; they use these to hold books
open, one on each side. Also, they have these bean-bag
cylindrical things, sort of like eye pillows, which they place in
the center of the book to keep the pages down, but they also use
supports for the covers, so the spine is not stressed too much.
I abhor paperclips, however, tho' I'll use sticky-tabs if I plan
on copying a range of pages.

Good luck!

Elizabeth Urbanik
"My body is my temple,
and the goddess demands chocolate!"
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