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RE: personal book question

Poster: "Karen Lyons-McGann" <dvkld.dev@mhs.unc.edu>

> use this leather thing with weights at both ends when I'm cooking
> out of a cookbook, to hold the sides down
> Actually, librarians at UNC's graduate library and rare
> books library have developed these bean-bag things which are no
> larger than the size of your palm; they use these to hold books
> open, one on each side. Also, they have these bean-bag
> cylindrical things, sort of like eye pillows, which they place in
> the center of the book to keep the pages down, but they also use
> supports for the covers, so the spine is not stressed too much.

Are any of these things sold retail?  I suppose I could make a bean bag 

A waldenbooks? near hear sells a reading pillow.  It is like a lap desk: 
pillow on the bottom, solid surface on top which is padded and covered 
with cloth to keep the book from sliding, soft cords attached to the 
center top and lower corners.  You slide the upper part of your book 
under the cords and it holds the book open, but not forcefully.  When the 
pillow is on your lap, it holds the book at a comfortable height for 
reading.  Someone else whose hands sometimes go numb holding a book must 
have invented this!  It's on my (long) list of things to buy or make when 
I have more money or time.  


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