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Re: Personal Book Question

Poster: Julien de Montfort <julien@spiaggia.org>

> > I'll go on record as a half-point to either side.  If a book is old,
> > rare, well night-irreplacable or very fragile, then I treat it with
> > the utmost care (one I keep in a plastic bag because it is nearing
> > disintegration...).
> <sounds of former archivist choking on her morning coffee>
> <conservatorial rant/>
> Julien, take that poor book out of that plastic bag RIGHT NOW!  The odds
> are very good that the plastic bag is not chemically inert, and will be

No worries, my dear lady -- the bag is one I had originally gotten for
storing comic books in, and is indeed chemically inert.  However, your
suggestion of using a cloth wrapping is well heeded, and I may be
doing that for a couple of the ones I have which are way too large for
the bags I have left...


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