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Re: vegetarians and vietnam

Poster: Heather Swann <heather@pop.net>

Actually, it's my understanding that a great deal of the Inquisition was
to get rid of the lawyers and judges who were keeping Fernando and
Isabella from legally uniting all of Spain under their rule.   By
removing these legal barriers, so to speak, they were able to put their
armies on the move and take over the rest of Spain.  Killing Jews was
most likely a way of gaining funds for the project.

Miriam bat Mordecai
> Suzanne Metzler wrote:
> Some recent scholarship has suggested a number more in the range of
> 400,000 (if I can find that reference again I will post it if anyone is
> interested - I think it was in PanGaia magazine...)
> > yet I don't know of anyone, even the
> > most militant feminist, who would reduce the entire Medieval period
> > to nothing more than rampant and organized misogyny.
> Well... almost no-one. I know at least one song current in the Neo-Pagan
> community ("The Burning Times", recorded by Todd Alan) that suggests the
> entire Inquisition was simply a war against women, using "witchcraft"
> charges to shore up the authority of the patriarchy and the Church.
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> In service,
> Rhodri ap Hywel
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