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Conan the Librarian

Poster: "Efenwealt Wystle" <efen@hotmail.com>

Crush their spines! See dem driven into da table! and hear the 
lamentations of your spouse.

Having worked many many years in the retail book biz, I daresay most of 
you would be appalled at the way retail stores treat books. You can't 
imagine how many hundreds of pounds of "strip cover" paperbacks and 
magazines the average bookstore throws away each year. (That means the 
cover is torn off and sent to the publisher for return credit and the 
book is trashed.) 

Guess, what? It is completely illegal to possess such "strip cover" 

Even publishers throw lots of books away. During the 4 months I worked 
at the Oxford University Press warehouse I personally disposed of over 
1.5 tons of out of print and slightly damaged books.

Kinda pathetic and wasteful don'tcha think?

Lord Efenwealt Wystle (aka Scott F. Vaughan) efen@hotmail.com
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