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RE: Northern pricipality

Poster: "Spears, Kate" <KSpears@fdic.gov>

I am sorry you see us as wanting to leave the kingdom;  that is 
certainly not my intent, as it was not my intent to leave the Kingdom 
when I helped create what is now the Barony of Ponte Alto. There are 
now two where there was one, and all are Atlantians.  After six years 
(as of Feb  28th), our groups still work well together, and better, I 
think, for the change.

Nor is this the intent of any I have spoken with who are working on 
this. If a northern principality is created, we will still be 
Atlantians; we will still fight together under the same King and 
Queen, still teach, and share, and create, just  with a Prince and 
Princess to further inspire us.  And we will, I hope, still be friends 
with those not in the geographic area proposed for the Principality, 
just as I am still friends with those still living in Storvik.   I 
encourage you to talk with people who are working on this and whose 
views you value to see if some of your concerns can be addressed.  If 
you wish to talk to me, I will be at Stierbach's Baronial Investiture 
on Saturday, and at Ponte Alto's Birthday the following Saturday (go 
figure), and am planning time to talk with folks about this issue on 
both days.  Just tag me.

Yours in Service to Atlantia
Aislynn of Jarrow
Ponte Alto

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Here's one view,
See you all at the next meeting,
Bryce de Byram

A Sirventes for the North

Old Coeur Noir's time draws near,
and the winds of change blow Northernly.
Rumblings resonate across the land,
carried waves as messanger
speak of "when's" not "if's."

A house would be divided,
and friends brought to blows
if like Solomen,
we half the child,
to appease the parents.

I sit by the James
with breath baited;
saddened to see
the player with vested hand,
only too quick to withdraw.

For when thrones and powers unchecked stand
promised as visitors at the door;
It is easy to see why
some would rather hold a empty field,
than cower underneath a Lion.

But let not the craftsman labor
without the arrow-strait guidance of a Master.
Let not the South's fertile fields wither
without the healing touch
of drops of rain.

And fighting men lack the example,
the prowess and skill
of teachers girded round with glory;
of Houses of method, of chivalry
numbered and chained.

For as each bee works
for the hive's gain;
So do the good works
of scores of loyal northern subjects
flow sweetly for Atlantia's harvest.

I swear by the Moon,
the Cross and Lily,
that we shall see Stonewalls broken
and Hallowed Rocks and Hills leveled
by the quiet fury of this storm.

Friend, send out this song to our King,
and to the silent hands that move beneath the groaning board;
that I see naught but grief
for the father that sunders his land
for the inheritance of a prodigal son.

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