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Re: A few comments about a northern principality

Poster: "Greg Lindahl" <lindahl@pbm.com>

> Maryland is 9,775 square miles, and (as a *very* rough estimate), the portion
> of Virginia in the current palmprint of admittedly interested groups is about
> 6,400 square miles. 

I was there when the "palmprint" notion was developed, and it didn't
include Isenfir. Traditionally, Isenfir is opposed to creation of the
principality but wants to join it. You seem to be excluding it.

The fact that Isenfir holds these views ought not to be a surprise to
anyone; if you don't remember the previous discussion, you can go read
through the Atlantian mailing list archive, which covers a lot of what
was said.

> It is the duty of the members of Atlantia's Curia to consider the good of the
> kingdom, as well as of their own groups.

And it is everyone's duty to also consider the concerns of Isenfir and
Caer Mear, and the concerns of people who believe that we already have
too much court and too many awards. Only by considering all points of
view can a decision be reached.

-- Gregory Blount

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