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Cossacks, Mongols & Huns (oh my!)

Poster: Marybeth Lavrakas <lavrakas@email.unc.edu>

Greetings unto the people of Atlantia!

I write this to remind everyone of the A&S competitions to be held at
Cossacks, Mongols, and Huns (March 14, Camp Kanata, Wake Forest NC).  I
recently attended a most excellent event where very few entries
materialized for the competitions.  So spred the word...there will be fun!
There will be prizes!  There will be locals to impress!

1.  Ode to a Horse.  Poetry competition, any style of poem is acceptable,
so long as it is, well, an ode to a horse.  Entries may be composed

2.  Best icon/religious art.  Originally this category referred
specifically to the religious art of the Eastern Orthodox peoples, but has
been expanded to include the religious art of the Mongols (primarily
Buddhist) and Huns as well.  Also, folk art with a religious connection
(such as Ukrainian easter eggs) can be entered.  

3.  Fun With Fur.  A category to have fun with!  Let your imaginations run
wild...although I, personally, would hope the entries have SOME sort of
period connection! ;-)

4. Breadmaking (not included in some previous announcements).  Bring your
best loaf of bread (made either from a period or modern recipe) to be
judged by an enthusiastic (and hungry) judge.

5. GARB.  We are trying to encourage as many people as possible to come in
Cossack, Mongol or Hunnish clothing.  Some basic information is available
via the main SCA web page, or people can contact me for more details.
'Best garb' does not necessarily mean the most elaborate! 

Also, please bring any work in progress that you would like to have
dispalyed.  We'd love to see it!

For competitions, please bring documentation (does not need to be

Kathryn Rous

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