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Poster: Robert J Welenc <rjwelenc@erols.com>

>In response to my request yesterday, at least 2 people have asked me
>the subsription address to the TNNP list.  It would be kind of you
>post that again in the Merry Rose.

Gladly, M'lady.  Those who wish to subscribe should be 
aware that it can be VERY busy!  There were 30 messages 
posted yesterday, and 79 on Wednesday, and 35 on Tuesday. 
About 60 so far today.

To subscribe to the principality discussion list send an email to:


The body of the message should read as follows:

         subscribe principality_discussion "email address" "sca name"

Direct any questions to Luther@agent.infodata.com.

An extremely unofficial web page for the discussion of TNNP is now up


There are maps, links to the archives of the TNNP list, and a number 
of other interesting things.

The TNNP Heraldry page is located at


There you will find information that has been tossed about on the
Heraldry list for the last few weeks, including names and armory

Alanna Volchevo Lesa
Partan Pursuivant, Barony of Lochmere
Laurel Minion
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