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Poster: "Karen Lyons-McGann" <dvkld.dev@mhs.unc.edu>

 > Others have asked:
> 3.) "Why do you want a Principality?  (Alternatively, "Why are you  
trying to  wreck the Kingdom?") 
> I was one of those who urged Baroness Caitlyn to cross-post her
> letter here, as I   believed that she made some very good points to 
answer that last
> question (in   its first politer format).
> Guess we can't win for losing.  If we don't post anything here,
> we're  implicated   in a secret conspiracy. If we do, we're urged to 
'take it to the
> back room' and not   bother everybody else with it...
> Alanna Volchevo
> Lesa

Good sir:

Vast numbers of Atlantian's don't come to the tavern so coming back out 
of your room will not relieve you of the accusations of conspiracy.  If 
you want to get word out,  an article to the Acorn would be more 
informative to more members.  Baronial level newsletters across the 
kingdom might also appreciate articles or announcements.  Posting that 
same article on the wall here (with a reminder of the TNNP address) would 
be a public service and reasonable publicity.  But, since  TNNP talk was 
more noise than many in the Merry Rose wanted and private arrangement 
made, dragging the TNNP conversations, poetry, poetry critique  etc. back 
in here seems counterproductive.  

In response to my request yesterday, at least 2 people have asked me for 
the subsription address to the TNNP list.  It would be kind of you to 
post that again in the Merry Rose.



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