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Yes, smoking again.

Poster: Rutlands@aol.com

I have followed with horror the thread that postulates that smoking if pipes
is okay.   As one who can get sent into a blinding headache from almost any
smoke, especially any form of tobacco smoke, or perfume, I beg that people not
smoke anything where people must tread in order to participate in an event.
That includes indoors at sites, outdoors around list fields or
exhibit/merchant areas, and, not least, around the entrances to buildings.
12th Night was a nightmare for those of us who were suffocating inside and had
to run a gauntlet of smokers to get outside to catch a breath of air.  Please,
my friends who are smokers, stay far clear of these essential areas, and don't
take up pipes as persona props.

Most thankfully,

Daniel of Rutland
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