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Re: Yes, smoking again.

Poster: Rutlands <Rutlands@aol.com>

In reply to Captain Bunnytongue's question, and despite my lack of desire to
see threads get stretched too thin:

Sometimes I react to campfires, sometimes not.  Tobacco though, whether in
pipe or cig, I react to probably 90% of the time.  I think it may have to do
with the type or processing of tobacco, as in France, where smoking is
ubiquitous, I reacted less than in the US.  Pipe smoke is as irritating or
more so, as it can be so sweet and cloying, albeit pretty at times.  I do
understand that people are addicted, just beg them to keep their smoking way
off to a side, outside, as difficult or awkward as that can be.  I did not
mean the term "persona prop" as derogatory.  "Persona props" are wonderful
things, and should be used more in the interest of furthering the "re-
creation" aspect of our recreation.

-Daniel of Rutland
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