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Re; courtesy and smoking

Poster: CptnBnytng@aol.com

  Good gentles;
   Lest any one else make the very misled assumption that I equate the pursuit
of authenticity with the epithet nazi, and that in using that word I refer to
the mundane useage...  Let me assure you that is not the case !  
   I know many fine gentles in the society who are total sticklers for
authentic and documented garb, and are able to approach, instruct, and
encourage those who are not so knowledgeable or inspired,  without being rude,
overbearing, nasty, or (pick your own descriptions here).  There is no way
that I would ever be discourtious enough to call such good people nazis ( no
apostrophy to get dissed about this time).  
    I think that most of the readers of this post are aware enough of what is
really happening to understand that the people I referred to as *the N word*
are the type who nastily accost, lambaste, and otherwise trounce unmercifully
upon some poor innocent,  unsuspecting and impressionable newbie (please ...,
don't make another assumption  that I am being discourtious to those of
newcoming to the society with this appellation ) so that he or she swears
never to return to such a rude and unfriendly place.   I think we have had
enough examples illustrated to know that this is a factorable segment of
population and that they are the ones who are commonly referred to as *the N
   I don't feel like I am contradicting myself about courtesy when i use a
word that is in widespread use in the society as a descriptive for a type or
extreemly rude and unchivalrous person.   I'm sorry if any good peoples find
it personally offensive due to mundane associations that they may carry;  that
is not my intent !
   Therefor I stand by that which i have said without chagrin or excuse.

   In service to the populace,
   Captain Bunnyetongue
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