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Re: On fealty

Poster: Corun MacAnndra <corun@access.digex.net>

Duke Richard wrote:
> Fealty in the SCA is a slippery concept.

Agreed, though it needn't be.

> In Atlantia, Fealty is very flexible.  Each individual can craft their
> oath (or promise if you don't like the word oath) to include whatever
> elements are desired.  If you talk to a dozen different peers and barons
> and baronesses you'll hear some common themes but won't hear any single
> thing mentioned by them all and will hear some unique thing from each
> person.  We should avoid making any rash generalizations about what
> fealty means when each individual is customizing their bond to the
> kingdom.

I agree that one should not make rash generalizations. That's why I didn't.
I made my comments in order to teach that there is a misconception between
homage and fealty, and that what Raven and many members of both Horde
households (as well as other individuals and houses) have often seen as
fealty was not the evil, soul stealing thing it was often made out to be.

There are also many new members of the SCA who all too often get dragged
into a household because they are misinformed that one has to belong to one
or because it's "cool" and then they get caught up in a great many false
perceptions of fealty, homage and loyalty. One should keep these things in
mind, especially if one aspires to one day become head of a household,
Baron/ess of a Barony, Peer, or Monarch. In these cases you will have people
who will follow you for one reason or another, as members of your group,
or in the case of Peers as an apprentice/squire. I simply say to those who
would take an oath, be certain of what you are swearing and be sure it's
what you really want to do. If you make a promise, make one you can keep.
If you exact a promise, expect no more than is your due.

And to keep in mind that what we're playing is a game, and to keep the
mood light, I'll borrow a sig I've seen on the Rialto from time to time.
Can't remember who's it is, but I like it.

In service,

     Corun MacAnndra   |   Dark Horde by birth   |   Moritu by choice
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