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Poster: Janine H Sutter <jsutter@scotland.ces.state.nc.us>

Greetings!  Just thought I would add my 2 cents worth to this 
discussion.  I have been in the SCA for 3 years or so.  Before I joined, 
my opinion was that chivalry was dead and men were scum!  I had male 
friends, but had resigned myself to living with my cats for the rest of 
my life and eventually being one of those little old ladies that children 
run from.  When I went to my first SCA stuff night, I was very 
uncomfortable as everyone starting hugging me and being very friendly.  
This went against my very strong opinions about men!  They were opening 
doors for me, carrying things, getting my beverage-WOW!  I was hooked.  
After only a month or so, my opinion began to change.  Chivalry is not 
dead, at least not in the SCA.  AND, my experiences in the SCA have led 
me to notice when people do nice things in the mundane half of my life.  
I even got married!  While there are people in the SCA who are not as 
kind as one would hope, I sincerely believe that we have a group of the 
nicest people society can offer!  In Service, Kari Kyst

Janine Honey Sutter
E-Mail  : jsutter@scotland
Internet: jsutter@scotland.ces.ncsu.edu
Phone   : 9102772422
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