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Re: *WH* Recognition of deserving gentles, a further look

Poster: "Jessica Wilbur" <jessica@pop.net>

> Poster: Jessica Rechtschaffer <jsrechts@email.unc.edu>
> I think the last thing the SCA needs is more awards.  It's already
> smelling like the boyscouts.  Yes, some awards are needed to encourage
> good work/volunteerism and the like, especially when it comes to service
> to the society/local group/kingdom etc. etc.
> Excelling at something means you generally get a reputation for doing
> good and a good reputation is a lot of reward right there.  After all,
> another danglie is just that, a danglie.  The true meaning is in the
> skill.
> Lyanna

I agree that we shouldn't do the things we do just to get awards. That's not the
point of the game we play. And I personally would continue to learn to do new
things and practice my skills even if there were no awards, simply because
I think such and such an activity is really cool.

However, (you knew that was coming! =)  I think that many (maybe most) people
need to hear that they're doing a good job, or else they'll never know whether
or not their efforts are appreciated. It really boosts self esteem to get that 
pat on the back, or danglie, or whatever. If they never get told that they're 
doing good things, they may get frustrated and go away. That's why I think
awards are a good thing; it lets people know that they are being noticed, in
an official way. 

My $.02, JMO, YMMV, etc., etc. ad nauseum... =)

--Muireann ni Riordain
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