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Re: Recognition of deserving gentles, a further look

Some further points:

Point 1.  Institution of this system would also possibly put a Peerage in
perspective for the populace for the following reason:

right now, formally or informally, it is essentially assumed that Fighter
receives Sea Stag -> Fighter is knighted, as well as Person receives Golden
Dolphin -> Person receives Pelican, and Person receives Pearl -> Person
receives Laurel.  Unless I have those last two reversed.  This way, there's
a system of recognition in place that points up the actual amount of work
done that (eventually) ends up in that track.

This would essentially have the effect of making a Peerage that much more

Point 2.  If I understand correctly, doesn't the Heraldate already have a
similar system in place?  Granted, not many of us know what the ranks and
titles are (but I'm sure Rhiannon will correct that [that's yer cue, honey
;>]) but institution of a similar system for these two areas would fix that.
Especially if the ranking system were not based on the art in question,
i.e., Fighter Jock has Rank A, as does Lord Musical Person , as does Lady
Lacemaker.  What's more, it logically follows that an award system could be
put in place for those who double or triple (or quadruple, as you'll see
shortly) up.

Point 3.  This system could also be used to recognize those poor,
overworked, under-recognized fools who are crazy enough to take an official
post such as Seneschal, etc.

Point 4.  I don't know if I already made this point or not, but it's worth
reiterating...this would be a kingdom-wide system which would not rely on
knowledge within the Baronies to spread.  Much as inappropriate behavior has
its way of spreading beyond any borders...but this would be a positive
rather than a negative.

Sorry for the duplicate post, but I thought up all this stuff while admiring
my first post and twiddling my thumbs...;>


Ld. Jonathan Blackbow
Clan O'Shannon

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Subject: Recognition of deserving gentles, a further look

>Greetings to all who read this!
>Something I had noticed in the past with regard to haphazard recognition of
>deserving gentles...
>Ansteorra has a ranking system in its army based, IIRC, on the number of
>weapons forms a fighters is authorized in.  This is a tangible, simple
>system of recognition.