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Re: Awards and all that...

Poster: "Jessica Wilbur" <jessica@pop.net>

> Poster: Jessica Rechtschaffer <jsrechts@email.unc.edu>
> OK here's my view of awards in the SCA.  If I were absolute ruler of the
> SCA this is what I would do:
> I would scrap the entire awards system as we know it because it's not
> medieval.  Now, we don't have inherited awards but here's how I would
> revamp it.

<snip for brevity>

> And of course, if I had to power to change all this, then I would make
> myself a really cool coronet. :)  But in all seriousness, our awards
> system is very flawed as it stands.
> Lyanna

I like your system! I think it more accurately reflects actual medieval social
class structure, while still making sure everyone is considered nobility.
(I realize there are some folks out there who may not *want* to have
noble personae, but that's a whole different can of worms, which I have
no desire to open.)

--Muireann ni Riordain
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