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Re: Awards and all that...

Poster: "Angela K. Pincha-Neel" <angela@ascc01.ascc.lucent.com>

Jessica Rechtschaffer wrote:

<majority snipped...>
> But in all seriousness, our awards
> system is very flawed as it stands.
> Lyanna

The award system itself is not "very flawed". It is not working as it
should as Her Royal Highness Seonaid pointed out because not enough
people out there will write to Their Majesties, or Their Hignesses, or
their Baron and Baroness, or their local seneschal or any seneschal up
the chain. A system can only work as well as the people who are involved
in it are willing to put into it. It is amazing that there are so many
people out there who do wonderful works of art or science and who are
over and above normal service but are looked over by the people always
around them for whatever reason. The award system we have in place right
now will work much better if Their Majesties and Their Heirs as well as
appropriate Barons and Baronesses were flooded with award
recommendations. Each of us who have been around for a few years to
many, many years should look around our area and see who is doing what
and find out for Their Majesties who has what. Each person's opinion
counts. Their Majesties and Their Highnesses want and need the support
of the populace to be able to know who to give awards to.

I challenge everyone on this list to find two, just two people in their
area who are deserving of an award and send that recommendation onto
Their Highnesses before this week is out, Coronation by the latest.
Then, perhaps, once a month thereafter!

Lets all help our up and coming Monarchs to be able to recognize the
good works of the people of Atlantia. And if the award recommendation is
something Their Majesties can do within the confines of the remainder of
Their reign, let Them know too!

And should you not know right off hand WHERE to send it, as shown in the
Their Royal Majesties Logan & Arielle are at:

And Their Royal Highnesses are at:

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