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Awards and all that...

Poster: Jessica Rechtschaffer <jsrechts@email.unc.edu>

OK here's my view of awards in the SCA.  If I were absolute ruler of the
SCA this is what I would do:

I would scrap the entire awards system as we know it because it's not
medieval.  Now, we don't have inherited awards but here's how I would
revamp it.

There would still be a King and Queen which is decided through combat via
the MSR system which is essentially an extended Warlord tourney through
serveral events.  The end result is a melee between fighters who support
one finalist and fighters who support the other finalist.  While it
doesn't make it quite democratic, it does somewhat represent a medieval
right to the throne by conquest.  In the middle ages, one who did become
king by combat could only do so with the support of the nobility -i.e.
those who fought.

There would be knights banneret which are knights who gave fealty to the
crown, have households and all that.  We can even name an order after it
like the Order of the Grosse Fische or something like that... A knight
banneret would be the rough equivilant of a plain old knight today.
Fighters who are the rough equivilant of say a kingdom fighting award are
called knights.  They would be made on the local level by a knight
banneret and a baron/ess or other local big wig.

Those who do service would be given noble titles like baron, Marquess,
duke and what not.  Quite frankly, I think the pelicans should be
recognized as Dukes because they usually do the scut work which is NOT
fun (at least in my view) so they should be greatly rewarded for all the
phone calls, all the driving, mailings, etc.   Laurels could be marquesses
or whatever.

All people with AoA's would be called Master/Mistress.  All people with
more pretigious awards would be called Lord/Lady.  What's a prestigious
award.  Someone who does good and the King/Queen gives them a title.
There can be some kingdom polling awards to sort of represent a baronage
with clout.

And of course, if I had to power to change all this, then I would make
myself a really cool coronet. :)  But in all seriousness, our awards
system is very flawed as it stands.


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