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Re: Awards and all that...

Poster: "Karen Lyons-McGann" <dvkld.dev@mhs.unc.edu>

1) re: how to earn awards and all that.  I wouldn't want the award system 
to become something where fulfilling 6 requirements, in 4 steps along 
with a project automatically gets one an award.  It's too easy to meet 
all the stated requirements without actually, really attaining new 
knowledge or skill, or applying them. (Ask me about the year I won 20 
girl scout badges.)  The point that not enough nominations are made is 
significant.  How exactly does that work, anyway?  Just anyone can sit 
down and nominate anyone whose put out some effort?  Are 2nd or 3rd 
nominations necessary?  Within what time period?   Is part of the problem 
that the groups are too large and growing too impersonal, people don't 
nominate because they don't feel they know someone or their work well 
enough, and they don't realize that no one else nominates anyone for the 
same reason?   Is part of the problem that everyone compares new  work to 
person with recognized skill and thinks the new work is not good enough,  
forgetting that the person with recognized skill earned their award a 
long while and many lower skill levels ago?  

2) re: award names and relative levels  It seems the system grew 
piecemeal and was never a completely thought out scheme, as a result, the 
awards and titles and recognitions are not equivalent.  Whether or not 
you feel cheated by this depends on your own personality, and the group 
you play with. Some people in some groups won't be bothered because 
despite the title discrepancy, the group demonstrates equivalent respect. 
 Other people in other groups will be bothered considerably because the 
group makes it clear that no matter how good you are at X, the sort of 
people that are Y will always be higher titled and therefore better.   I 
can agree that  folks who work hard on one path should be equally titled 
to someone working hard on another path. Some paths need more 
intermediate levels, and some need fewer, and the names of titles should 
be applied to levels, not paths.  Is that what you are saying Lyanna?  I  
can imagine such a change to the basic design (or lack of design) of the 
Society  would be almost impossible to bring into being.  No matter how 
good an idea it is.  


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