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Dark Wars in Meridies: April 09-12

Poster: Peter Gareis <pgareis@warrior.mgc.peachnet.edu>

Good Gentles of Our Sister Kingdom of Atlantia,

Rumor has it that some of our Atlantian cousins are considering attending
Dark Wars in eastern Meridies this year.  In case this is new news to you,
let me clarify what Dark Wars is.  DARK WARS: APOCALYPSE THEN is a one time
replacement war for FOOLS' WAR, which usually happens at this time of year.
 Unfortunately, the host group for Fools' War is needing a breather, so her
sister shires are taking up the banner for one year.  Fools' War X will
return next year.

For more information on Dark Wars, please check out the two web sites.



Think of it as Fools' War in everything but name. <g>

In Delighted Service,

Shair Fiachna mac Phiaraic, Known as Theahtyn, Weard Consortii
Marshal in Charge at DW
Peter Gareis, Asst. Prof., Learning Support, MGC
Tir Briste: faculty.mgc.peachnet.edu/pgareis/sca/shirepag.htm
"Fate often saves the undoomed man if his yams are good."
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