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Fw: Recognition of deserving gentles, a further look

OK...I tried to let it die but apparently some people didn't understand.
With that in mind, I have a completely different suggestion that I'll put
here, and some rebuttal points that I'll put below, not in defense of the
idea but strictly for purposes of clarification.  If you're not interested,
then don't read it; I'm just trying to straighten out some viewpoints that
apparently didn't get straightened out the first time.

Since the original idea (i.e., points merit system) is apparently not
desired, then let's have suggestions from all of you out there and listening
on How To Encourage People To Write More Award Recommendation Letters.

PS-Corun:  the reason I duplicated the post to the PR list and the Merry
Rose is because I'm not certain that everybody on TNNP list is on MR, and
vice versa.  But I understand your problem and I'll do my absolute best to
keep duplication to a minimum, i.e., new threads.  Will that work, or is
duplication a significant enough problem that it needs to come to a complete
stop?  Or can somebody do a cross-check of the lists?


Ld. Jonathan Blackbow
Clan O'Shannon
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From: Jason & Shannon Smith <srgiles@erols.com>
To: principality_discussion@agent.infodata.com
Date: Wednesday, March 04, 1998 4:50 AM
Subject: Re: Recognition of deserving gentles, a further look

>Jonathon wrote:
>>And if Lord/Lady Q has a couple of hundred points in fighting/A&S and
>>are starting to wonder why he/she isn't being considered for
>>knighthood/peerage, the chivalry/peerage doesn't have to feel the need to
>>explain its rationale, because they'd be two completely different systems.
>What if Lord/Lady Q has a couple of hundred points, but he/she is the
>biggest braggart jerk and the rudest, most horrible, social slob in the
>Known World.  I would hope the wise knights/laurels/pelicans wouldn't make
>the person a peer!

[Argh- see the last bit of that sentence? "...the chivalry/peerage doesn't
have to feel the need to explain its rationale, because they'd be two
completely different systems."

However, another concerned soul pointed out that if this system were used
and Lord Q had several hundred points but still wasn't a peer, somebody
would eventually have to explain to him why he didn't have the qualities of
a Peer, and nobody would want to do that.  It's probably better in things
like that to *not* quantify anything, so that nebulosities remain just

>>This would also have the kingdom-wide effect of instituting a level of
>>recognition between baronial awards and kingdom awards, and yet it still
>>doesn't have to rank in the OOP.
>It's hard to institute the amount of work that's done for service projects
>alone (not garb) at 3 o'clock in the morning in houses, apartments and dorm
>rooms all over the Known World on any given Thursday or Friday!
>Nice thought, though.
>Sorcha de Glys

[You're right, partially.  It wouldn't be simple, but it could be done.  And
if it ever becomes germane, I'll be glad to tell how I would do it.  But it
isn't likely to become germane, since so many people have indicated that
they're not in favor of it.

And with that, can we *please* drop the whole subject?  I'm sorry I ever
brought it up.]