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Re: Number of Peers (was: recognizing peers)

Poster: "Karen Lyons-McGann" <dvkld.dev@mhs.unc.edu>

>> Laurel:         86
>> Pelican:        57
>> Knight:         75
> So thats:
> Laurels: 45
> Knights: 39
> Pelicans: 29
> I've probably missed a couple, but not many. 
> And in answer to Anne's post in between, yes, there are some overlaps.
> Keilyn,
> Stats Woman
> (As opposed to Elizabeth, Our Lady of Statistics &  Records)

See, I knew the numbers couldn't be taken at face value! A dozen eggs in 
a box can't even be depended upon without first opening to see if any 
have cracks and are unusable.  


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