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more on king picking

Poster: CG Scoop <CGScoop@aol.com>

I know this thread died out a few days ago, but I was too busy to respond
then, so . . .
    I feel really drawn to the idea of battles (that's different from melees)
to determine who the next monarch will be. I'm not think about melees with 5
or 6 fighters on a side, I'm thinking of a huge, multi-sided war with as many
of the authorized fighters in the kingdom suiting up and taking sides. If you
don't think there are enough fighters for this, think back on the long line of
worthy fighters, belted and unbelted, who fought in the last crown, add to it
the number that did not fight because they did not feel they had enough
experience and all the archers and you have quite a crowd. The general idea
would be for each aspirant to the throne to gather as many worthy warriors as
they could before the battle. The last aspirant left standing would be the
winner. I think this idea has several advantages.

First, it would encourage participation. I enjoyed the last crown (my first),
but I was a spectator. If the battle idea goes through I would have a say in
who wins the crown by lending my sword and shield to the one I felt was most
worthy (if I ever learn how to fight ;-)).

Second, It is very medieval. If you were a noble and you didn't like the king,
you conspired with others of a like mind, formed an army and that was that. 

Thirdly, it would be no more political than the system we have today. I know
many will dispute this, but lets be honest, politics goes on already. We all
see it, hear it and gossip about it. I've been in the society for just over a
year and I realize this already. Will aspirants promise titles and etc. for
support, certainly. Do some do this already, according to the gossip, yes. I
feel that the politics will mostly be along the lines of "My gang and I will
support you this crown if you and yours support me in the next.

Well, that's my two shillings worth. Sorry for the length and keep in mind,
this is just a vague idea that might be totally unworkable.

William of Falestone
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