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Re: more on king picking

Poster: Jeffrey Sussman <jsussman@pop.erols.com>

On warlord tourneys or wars to select kings,

This makes me cringe each time I see it.
However, it's the cynical old fogey part of me that cringes.
So a little fiction:

Our scene opens with Sir HotShot trying to get Duke OldTimer and his
guys to fight with him in the coming Crown War.

SH: As you know, I'm planning to put together an army for Crown, I'd
really like you and yours on my side.

DO: Well, you know I'm really interested in what's good for the
kingdom.  I'm concerned about some of the politics that I'm seeing in
some of the order meetings.  My squire is up for knighthood and one of
our ladies in waiting is up for the pelican.  I'd hate to see this
politicing interfere with an honest consideration of their chances. 
What we need is a king who knows how to do the right thing even when the
orders are being unfair and clickish.

SH: You can be sure that if I become king your household members will
get have my complete attention and I will make every effort to ensure
that they are properly considered.  You know that I wouldn't have any
compunction about doing the right thing even if the orders decide to get

DO: (trying to hide a self satisfied smile) Which side would you want to
fight on at Pennsic?

SH: Well, we should consider what's best for everyone at the war.

DO: I hate wearing red tape.  It really clashes with my arms.

SH frowns and looks at his toes thinking about DO's dozen squires who
can fight as a unit, some of whom can really fight as we fade to black.
[appropriate music in the background]

Extreme?  You bet.  
You tell me it's impossible.  I'll be glad to hear it.

Yours in Service,
Duke Richard Fitzgilbert, 
Earl Marshal of Atlantia

CG Scoop wrote:
> Poster: CG Scoop <CGScoop@aol.com>
> I know this thread died out a few days ago, but I was too busy to respond
> then, so . . .
>     I feel really drawn to the idea of battles (that's different from melees)
> to determine who the next monarch will be. I'm not think about melees with 5
> or 6 fighters on a side, I'm thinking of a huge, multi-sided war with as many
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