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Picking the King!

Poster: Donald Wagner <polearmed@worldnet.att.net>


I don't like the idea of warlord tourneys for crown for a reason besides
Dickon's, although his is more than valid.

With the status quo, individuals fight and there is little hard feeling
over who wins, although there is sometimes.  Individuals only get to
hold themselves accountable when it is up to them to succeed.  I think
Crown Tourney is a good test of spirit and skill for the individual, and
with the status quo, the most worthy that day wears the crown.

Regardless, think of how many hard feelings there would be if being King
came down to who supported you, how hard they supported you, how
terribly they failed you or how magnificently they came through for you. 

Now consider the king's job of catering to those who fought against him
during his reign.

Now picture your self.  You supported the guy who wins and lost friends
doing it.  When he is king, he lets some certifiable earl marshall
change the polearm standards on you.  Any hard feelings yet?  You bet. 
Good for the kingdom?  No.  Good thing I wrote this post? I really doubt
it.(just kidding Your Grace...you're a great guy and I jus' luv my new

Some people don't like the Tourney convention for choosing King and I
can respect that.  Its merits are debatable on a number of fronts, but
it has served us well, IMHO.  But to make the task of determining our
ruler by taking sides amounts to an election, with few checks and
balances, plenty of room for fraud and cheating, hurt feelings, etc.

Besides, I want the one who was truly most worthy that day to be my
king, not the one with the darkest ring around his nose.

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