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Re: SCA in Charlotte and north of Charlotte

Poster: Erik Dutton <edutton@worldnet.att.net>

Sharon Gordon wrote:
> Poster: Sharon Gordon <gordonse@one.net>
> Could someone in the area tell me about groups in the Charlotte area
> and an hour or so north(that could be a one hour radius rather than
> directly north :-).)
> I am interested in what the groups are doing and the sort of A&S
> activities that people are involved in.

Greetings! There is a canton in Charlotte itself, the Guardians of the
Sacred Stone, and also a canton in the Belmont/Gastonia area (~30
minutes west-southwest of Charlotte on I-85), Aire du Faucon.

I am the MoAS for Aire du Faucon - I'm new to the office, and am just
gearing up. We have a weekly fighter practice (Sunday afternoons in
Gastonia), and I am starting to get an A&S gathering going there for
folks who don't want to swing a stick. I also gather interesting
A&S-related material from this list, the SCA-ARTS list and the Web and
pass it along to the group. We are also hosting In A Phoenix' Eye this
year, which is the Barony's annual A&S event.

Our business meeting is the 2nd Tuesday of the month (tonight,
coincidentally!) at the Media Play in Gastonia - come down I-85 to the
Cox Rd exit, and turn left at the top of the ramp, it's visible in the
shopping center on your right as you come down the hill. If you want
more info on our group, contact the Seneschale, Lady Pica (mundane Robin
Weber, 825-9483, local call to Charlotte) - unfortunately I don't have
our Chatelaine's number on me right now.

In service,
Rhodri ap Hywel
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